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Sedelon ®---------Bronze Valves Expert

Publish Time: 2017-09-06  Visit: 822

Sedelon ®---------Bronze Valves Expert

Zhejiang Sedelon valve co., LTD is a professional bronze valves company production factory, we are the best bronze valves manufacturer in China.

The material of Bronze has characteristics of  low melting point, high hardness, plasticity, and wear resistant, corrosion resistance. So bronze valves have excellent impact resistance strength,minimum heat loss and corrosion resistance.

Bronze valves are generally used in the chemical and Oil field and mainly for the offshore, platform and  marine usage.

Sedelon produces the bronze valves mainly according to the API 600 Standard.It’s not easy to produce and process the bronze valves. We should pay much attention especially in the casting process---This is the beginning part and the vital part.

Flange end Dimension :ANSI B16.5

Butt Welded Dimensions:ANSI B16.25

Design and Manufacture:API 600

Pressure Test:API 598

Main material:C95800、C95500、C95200、C95300、C95600、C61900、C63200, ect.

*The valves’ flanges are under the processing . According to the client’s requirements, the flanges finish can be processed as Raised face or Flat face or RTJ type.


Face to Face Dimensions:ANSI B16.10

*Polishing and shot blasting for better surface smoothness.

*Waiting for washing

*The wedges is ready for grinding.


*PMI test