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Light torque ball valve-Sedelon valve

Publish Time: 2021-09-01  Visit: 64

A light torque soft sealing ball valve, which includes a valve body, a valve seat connected to the left and right ends of the valve body, a valve ball sealed in the valve body cavity, a valve stem connected with the valve ball inside and a wrench connected outside.

The sealing of the valve ball and the sealing lip is realized by the elastic force of the sealing ring, which completely breaks away from the pressing force of the valve seat on the valve ball, realizes the soft seal of the ball valve, and greatly reduces the torque force of the opening and closing of the ball valve. The light torque ball valve use labor-saving, light and flexible.

Our light torque ball valve has simple structure, good performance and long service life. We require higher precision and accuracy in ball valve processing, so that one person can easily open the ball valve.