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Sedelon Pneumatic Ball Valve
Sedelon Pneumatic Ball Valve2023-08-07

Sedelon has recently produced a batch of ball valves with Rotork pneumatic actuators.

Globe valve
Globe valve "flow from top to bottom" and "flow from bottom to top" types2023-07-24

The shut-off valve is designed for low inlet and high outlet, with the aim of reducing flow resistance and saving effort when opening the valve.

Sedelon Bellows Sealed Globe Valve
Sedelon Bellows Sealed Globe Valve2023-07-15

Sedelon manufactures bellows sealed globe valve. It forms a metal barrier between the medium and the atmosphere through automatic roll welding to ensure zero leakage of the stem.

Sedelon Large size dual plate check valve
Sedelon Large size dual plate check valve2023-06-20

A dual plate check valve is a type of check valve that consists of two spring-loaded plates that are hinged together and positioned within the valve body. When the fluid flows in the forward direction, the plates are pushed open, allowing the fluid to pass through. However, when the fluid flows in the reverse direction, the plates are forced shut by the pressure of the fluid, preventing backflow. This type of valve is commonly used in applications where backflow prevention is critical, such as in water treatment plants, oil and gas pipelines, and chemical processing plants.

Sedelon Female Threaded Plug Valves
Sedelon Female Threaded Plug Valves2023-05-29

Sedelon received an order for over 1000 female threaded plug valves. The valve specifications are as follows: Body: ASTM A216 WCB Nominal Size: 2-1/2” Nominal Class: 300LB Connection ends: FNPT Operation: Lever

Basket Strainer-Made In Sedelon Valve
Basket Strainer-Made In Sedelon Valve2023-05-23

Sedelon Valve manufacturing custom basket strainer. The basket strainer is equipped with 2 sets complete gate valves as drain and vent valves, as well as handwheel, which can be opened directly to replace the screen. The basket strainer paint color is RAL9006, corrosion resistant.

Types and Selection of Pneumatic Valve Accessories
Types and Selection of Pneumatic Valve Accessories2023-02-24

During the use of pneumatic valves, it is usually necessary to configure some accessories to improve the performance of pneumatic valves or improve the use efficiency of pneumatic valves. Common accessories of pneumatic valve include air filter, solenoid valve, limit switch, electric positioner, etc. In pneumatic technology, the combination of air filter, pressure reducing valve and oil atomizer is called pneumatic triplet.

API600 Standard Valves Seating Surface Material Classification and Characteristics
API600 Standard Valves Seating Surface Material Classification and Characteristics2023-02-14

Valves seating surface performance has direct affection on the valve service life, due to it’s easily damaged by corrosion, erosion and wear of the medium during the continual opening and closure operation. The basic requirements for the seating surface is to ensure the sealing performance safe and reliable under the specified working condition.Below are the basic characteristics that a suitable seating surface should possess

Sedelon Valve Knowledge Science - Insulated Valve
Sedelon Valve Knowledge Science - Insulated Valve2022-12-29

When the medium is steam and hot water, it need to pay special attention to valves insulation measures.

Sedelon Bronze Gate Valve
Sedelon Bronze Gate Valve2022-11-15

Sedelon is a professional manufacturer of bronze gate valves. Our bronze gate valves are of high quality and high user satisfaction. Bronze gate valves are preferred by many sectors due to their strengths: simple structure, small fluid resistance, wide applications, labor-saving operation, etc. In addition, the sealing surface is subjected to less scouring and erosion by medium. Generally, they are suitable for water, seawater, oil, steam and other media. Bronze gate valves are mainly applied to severe in harsh working conditions that are required to withstand strongly corrosive environment. For instance, they are generally used in desalination platform and offshore drilling platform.

How to solve the leakage problem of stainless steel knife gate valve
How to solve the leakage problem of stainless steel knife gate valve2022-07-08

During the application of stainless steel knife gate valve, if there is a leakage problem, it will affect the usage of the valve. Different leaks require different solutions.

The Advantages of Sedelon Ball Valve
The Advantages of Sedelon Ball Valve2022-06-23

The closure part of ball valve is a ball which can rotate around the stem axis 90 degree to realize the purpose of opening and closing.