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Basket Strainer-Made In Sedelon Valve

Publish Time: 2023-05-23  Visit: 605

Sedelon Valve manufacturing custom basket strainer. 

The basket strainer is equipped with 2 sets complete gate valves as drain and vent valves, as well as handwheel, which can be opened directly to replace the screen. The basket strainer paint color is RAL9006, corrosion resistant.

Basket filter is used on oil or other liquid pipeline to filter debris in the pipeline, and the filtering pore area is greater than 2-3 times than the area of through diameter pipe, which is far more than the filtering area of Y-type and T-type filters. The filter accuracy is one of the best filters in the strainer, and the filter structure is different from other filters, because the shape is like a basket, so the name is basket filter or basket strainer.

The basket strainer configurations are as follows:

Size: 16 inch

Pressure: 600 LB

Body material: WCB

Screen: SS304